Why Learn in an Automatic Car?


An Automatic Car allows you to concentrate on the road more and lets the car worry about the gears

If you're struggling to learn to drive, you could try switching to an Automatic. An Automatic car is much easier to start, stop, and steer. It has just two pedals (accelerator and brake)

The big advantage of an Automatic is that there's no clutch pedal. That means you won't have to worry about stalling, crunching your gears, finding the biting point or rolling back on hills. You can concentrate on the road while your car's automatic gearbox sorts out the gear changes for you.

There is a specific course designed for Citizens from USA or Canada whom mainly use cars with Automatic gearboxes and require a UK licence, please contact us for more information.

There is one big drawback to learning to drive in an Automatic however and that is when you pass your test your licence will be limited to cars with two pedals and an automatic gearbox. You will not be licensed to drive a car with a manual gearbox. If that doesn't bother you, an automatic could be just what you need to help you sail through your test as the amount of lessons you will require will be less than with a manual.

You'll notice the prices for Automatic driving lessons are greater than our manual prices, this simply is down to the running costs involved. Automatic tuition cars have larger petrol engines and therefore use a lot more fuel per lesson.

Our Automatic Instructors have been trained to teach individuals with disabilities and can cater for left foot accelerator and hand controls.















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Assessment Lesson - 1.5hrs
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Off-Road Session - 2hrs


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